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Jan 4, 2013 4:00am EST
unemployment numbers important. we had to get through the hurricane sandy issue in terms of what impact that may have had. so people always make adjustments. it could be seasonal, seasonal employment numbers up or down, concerns about -- >> but will today's number be seen through the prism of the yesterday? >> i think not only through the prism of the comments of the fed coming through but against the backdrop of what we've been going through with the post presidential election, rejuvenated focus on what's going to have to happen. the concerns about the negative impacts of tightening of tax environment and spending cuts will be put against that context of what's going on in the growth environment. we've been acting as if growth has to follow behind what's been a very stimulus government both fiscally and mourn tearily and that any tightening is putting that at risk. i think any strength coming through in the unemployment numbers that we see today will perhaps take the edge off those concerns and it would be against that back drop i would emphasize it. >> it will be seen as the good news
Jan 8, 2013 4:00am EST
month when they report earnings. superstorm sandy is expected to top the excuses. >>> and there may not be a lot of love to go around in washington around valentine's day this year. if lawmakers fail to come together on debt talks. according to fresh numbers, the u.s. could hit the debt ceiling by early as mid february. john harwood explains all the details, a couple of reasons to go and visit that website this morning. >>> still to come, why property is up at samsung electronics, but the share price is down. see you in a moment. >>> welcome back. alcoa gets the earnings reports started today. slower growth in the economy, the eu debt crisis and superstorm sandy are expected to top issues. take a look at shares this morning. before the report, they're down .75% in frankfurt. so trailing the 34k9. they have been roughly flat over the last few months. james is a huge fan of werings season. you're so excited about this one, i know. >> i live for the wering hes season. you could spend almost your entire time -- >> there's only about three months of the year when you're not eng
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am EST
, we're looking at a 15.5% ride. if you access the insurance companies who are dealing with sandy ask some other issues, you're looking at about 40%. so you're going to really expect the strong earnings season. so the first half of the earnings season might be stronger than the second half. whereas the second half of the earnings season is labeled with technology. the first half is technologies and generally overall financial earnings are expected to be stronger year over year. telecoms will do fairly well. >> is that? >> i think a little easing and pricing pressure. there's still a global demand for telecom services. but i think that sector is quite immune. they do have some pricing power in that sector, as well. it's a little bit less into the consumer pressures, than let's say a technology services company. >> how much will -- if we get that sort of performance from telecomes and financials, how much does the sentiment they generate pull over, do you think? >> i think overall, earnings are going to surprise. i think if you're looking at a number around 3% right now, i think once al
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3